Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Stratford High School reflects the principles and values of the New Zealand curriculum. A varied and challenging curriculum is aimed at developing confident, connected lifelong learners. The junior years offer a broad foundation which leads to specialisation in the senior school according to ability and interest.

We offer a balanced programme with focus on the key competencies in year 9 and 10. Students participate in a range of options as they progress through the school. After five years of schooling, our students leave well equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of tertiary education and the world beyond school.

Highly qualified and motivated staff teach the skills and values which the students need to acquire knowledge, succeed and  take their place in the world. High academic standards are emphasised. Our senior students are well positioned to take advantage of national qualifications. Students are guided, supported and encouraged to set Poutama goals to achieve their academic and personal potential.
Our modern, well-equipped classrooms and facilities complement the delivery of lessons.
Wide reading is encouraged and the school library has an excellent collection of books and computers for research and recreation.
Specialist help is available for those with learning difficulties, as is an extension programme for students where appropriate.
Opportunities for involvement in English, maths and science competitions at regional, national and international level are offered and these assist with improving the standards in those areas of the curriculum.