Students in the debating chamber at Parliament.
Published on Tuesday, 16 June 2020, 3:20 p.m. Print Article

The 2020 trip to Wellington proved to be both and interesting and enjoyable event for all concerned. Our first stop was Adrenalin Forest in Porirua where both the strength and the sense of adventure of the students were tested. While some students were out of their comfort zone, they gave it their best shot and achieved more than they expected. Others got to the top level which was somewhat breath-taking for those of us who were admiring their skills from ground level. With feet firmly on the ground we then travelled a short distance to the North City Shopping Mall in Porirua.

The more serious part of the trip began on Monday morning with a visit to Shisca Russell who is currently working for the Ministry of Education. Shisca outlined her journey from SHS to her current position and shared valuable life lessons/experiences with the students. The visit to Wellington Chocolate Factory proved to be worthwhile, with the students being introduced to the basic principles of job costing, while at the same time learning how chocolate is made and giving it the taste test. The first part of the afternoon was spent in a Board Room overlooking the Wellington Harbour listening to a financial advisor from Craig’s Investment Partners. This was both interesting and insightful, especially considering the global downturn in share markets in recent weeks. Our last visit for the day was Xero where Tim Stanners, another SHS ex-student, is currently employed as their Financial Accountant. Tim also outlined his journey since leaving our school and gave an insight into the company and its rapid expansion globally.

On Tuesday, the students toured Parliament Buildings where they had the opportunity to learn more about our parliamentary system which was timely with several of them being able to vote in this year’s election. The visit to the High Court involved a talk about our justice system followed by the students sitting in the back of a real live court case where a couple have been charged with arson. It was interesting for the students to watch a police interview from last year on the big screen and listen to one of the defendants being questioned. After lunch it was off to the debating chamber where students got to see and listen to some of their favourite and not so favourite politicians. Our final visit was to RJ’s liquorice factory in Levin. With lots of liquorice lovers on board this was a popular stop.

A very big thank you must go to Dan at New World for sponsoring our fundraising BBQ at Athletic Sports; to the Armistead Family and Jay and Paul Lightoller who went out of their way to support our firewood fundraising venture; to those who purchased firewood; to our amazing driver Nicola Reid who managed to get us to Wellington and back without stalling the van too many times and making sure we were never late to our appointments. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

Raewyn Lightoller, HoD Commerce