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As you will have heard yesterday, we will be moving to Alert Level 3 on Tuesday 28th April and this will be a day at school for teachers only. The following day Wednesday 29th April, school will resume for those students who absolutely need to be there. Until that time the school grounds are out of bounds.

For us to make this happen and prepare for the necessary Health and Safety requirements we need to register names of students who will be attending school and their mode of getting to/from school. Only students in Year 9 and Year 10, that cannot be supervised at home, are able to be registered. Students registered to attend school must attend every day. If they are sick or unable to attend for any reason please let us know in the usual way through the absence text or email.

Casual attendance is not permitted - only those students who register through the survey will be able to attend. The survey needs to be completed by 3pm on Thursday 23rd April. If there are any queries please email the school at:

The details below are as we understand them to apply at present. Further information coming from the Ministry or Government may see them needing to be modified and you will be contacted if relevant.

SHS Years 11 to 13 students

Under Covid Level 3, Y11-13 students are not permitted to return to classes nor must any of them be on school property during any hour of the day while we are under Levels 4 and 3.

Distance learning should be continued with any unfinished work completed over the remainder of this week. Starting on 28 April, once teachers have had opportunity to prepare as a whole staff, students will continue to receive new work and ongoing teacher support.

Distance learning is a priority due to NCEA requirement and students are required to work alongside teachers on a daily basis. If your child will be unable to do this then please email the school immediately.

SHS Year 9 and 10 students

Under Level 3, if there is a parent or caregiver available to look after children at home and school children have access to distance learning, children are encouraged to stay at home. This aligns with messages from the government all week that families should attempt to work and learn from home.

The School appreciates that students will want to see their friends and get back to normal but inspection of the conditions we will have to operate under, listed below, will make it obvious that managing anything but small numbers will present insurmountable challenges.

We expect buses to be running and await bus company details on routes and social distancing.

What we need from you immediately

In order to place students in bubbles of ten, the School requires data from caregivers as to who will be present at school.

Please complete the attached brief survey only if you will be sending your child to school.

Reply by Thursday 23 April at 3pm only if your child will be attending school from Wednesday 28 April on a daily basis.

If you do not reply this will be taken to mean your child(ren) is/are NOT attending.

Lock down requirements for Year 9 and 10 returning to Stratford High School on Wednesday 29 April 2020

  1. Where possible students are encouraged to stay at home and continue with their Distance Learning in order to keep everyone safe and break the chain of infection.
  2. Students registered to attend school must attend every day. If they are sick or unable to attend for any reason, please let us know in the usual way through the absence text or email.
  3. Casual attendance is not permitted - only those students who register will be able to attend
  4. Students who attend the school will be supervised but will be continuing with their individual distance learning programmes. They need to bring their device with them.
  5. Physical distancing will be maintained along with hygiene stations and regular hand washing.
  6. Students will be kept in small bubbles of 10 students, and staff will maintain a record of contacts in each bubble. Students will remain in the same classroom throughout the day with students using only one designated desk throughout.
  7. Break times will be supervised, and students will remain in their bubbles. Break times will not involve any contact games and students are to remain two metres apart.
  8. The library will not be open.
  9. Break times will be staggered for all bubbles being taught at school.
  10. Students are not to be on school grounds before 8.30am and after 3.30 pm.
  11. The school site will be closed to all visitors during the school day.
  12. For planning purposes, we need to know from the outset which students will be returning to school. A link to a short questionnaire appears below and I would encourage families to make a once and for all choice one way or the other for their child. We will make provision for working caregivers who may not be able to be at home for some days of the week due to shift work.
  13. Any student who comes to school must attend for the whole day and will not be allowed to leave the school grounds unless collected by a family member for an appointment.
  14. To avoid infection, classroom doors will be left latched open, hand sanitiser will be available in each room and desks will be disinfected by our cleaners each day
  15. The school canteen is not allowed to be opened and water fountains will be disabled meaning that students will have to bring their own food and water to school.
  16. Students will not be permitted to leave the school grounds to go home for lunch.
  17. Students will need to bring food and drink for the day. Kai Kitchen and school breakfasts will be unavailable at this time.
  18. If students do not comply with school processes and health regulations, then the Principal will ask them to leave the school and return home. Their health and that of others is paramount and Stratford High School will not be compromised at any time.

Stay Safe, Warm Regards

Philip Keenan, Principal, Stratford High School

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