Published on Friday, 1 March 2019, 3:34 p.m. Print Article

At assembly on Friday 1st March the 2019 Culture Council was announced. 2018 members; Taleesha Kelsen, Te Ono Ngatai-Turahui, Summer Spooner, and Kim Urbano are continuing their work on the council. New members who were presented with a badge are: Lara Almazan, Tane Cassidy, Simeon Cook, Pikula Fakavamoeanga, Leah Giblin, Keisya Gunawan, Ruth Heine, Venice Lacerna, Thunder Muraahi, Alex Peihopa, Josh Ritchie, Heremaia Tuki, Nicola Van der Westhuizen and Sam Witeri. We look forward to an exciting year.